For Your New Years Party

If you are not like me and are planning on throwing a really fabulous and fun New Years party, then I’m sure you’ll need some food and drinks to go along with it. May I present, my favorite cocktail drinks and snacks for New Years 2013. These recipes are sure to knock your socks off and impress all your guests. And if you’re making any of them for your gathering, can you invite me? I still don’t have plans for New Years, shocker.

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The Ultimate Christmas Cookie Post

Or maybe I should say: Non-Denominational Cookie Post, because you don’t have to celebrate Christmas to enjoy all of these cookies. Oh wait, you’re not going to bake 27,000 types of cookies? We can’t be friends.

Nah, I’m just kidding, but really you should at least make one batch of cookies. Nothing is better than a cookie, let’s be real. So I’ve compiled a list of some of the yummiest sounding cookies from my favorite bloggers. I’ll be putting my own spin on some of these bad boys next week, get ready for cookie overload.

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What I Wish I Was Making For Thanksgiving

Unfortunately, I’m not at the age where I can decide what my family will be having for Thanksgiving. I always try to make something, but taking on Thanksgiving as a whole is usually left to my mom or my grandma. The thing is, I’ve always wanted to cook it. Full course from turkey to pumpkin pie. Maybe in a few years, until then I can just make all of the recipes randomly throughout the year and pretend that it’s Thanksgiving. Wah, it’s not the same though.

So since I am stuck only making one recipe this year, I wanted to share some of the dishes I wish I was making. I think I’m going to make this a holiday tradition for my little blog. I’ll start sharing with you guys some of the recipes I’ve found from all my favorite bloggers. Share them with your family this Thanksgiving.

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