Cast Iron Skillet Spinach Fontina Pizza

Ah, it’s been awhile. Actually it’s been a really long time since I’ve posted anything. Last week, as we know, involved the terrible bombings at the Boston Marathon and the capture of the responsible individuals. I know my break was extensive, but I find myself extremely emotional during times of immense violence that the thought of talking about recipes and my trials and tribulations in the kitchen (topics which I am extremely passionate about) did not seem right for the mood that the entire country was feeling.

Meg and I had this discussion that the internet, television, and media in general are used as escape methods. We watch certain television shows to escape from the issues we face in our own life. The same goes for the internet. That’s why many people continued on with their lives during those trying times; to escape from that which they could not control or even understand. I can accept that, but I’m not that type of person. I immense myself solely in the lives of others (mostly because I am more concerned with other people’s happiness than my own) that anything that seems important to me, at the time, is irrelevant. Last week was a testament to that and I hope you can understand why I had to step out of the kitchen for a few days.

My thoughts and prayers are still with those who have been affected by last week’s tragic events, but justice will come and soon we will get answers to why these acts were committed.


As for now, let’s discuss the reason I have returned: Pizza. Yep, there I said it. Pizza. One of the greatest gifts to ever grace this world we live on, in its crusty, cheesy, saucy, glory. Pizza.

Cast Iron Skillet Spinach Fontina Pizza |

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Bacon Sweet Rolls with Salted Caramel Frosting

I wanted to write this post Monday night, but unfortunately I’ve been studying for my first (and second-to-last) exam of the semester. Boy was that difficult. I only have one class that actually has real lectures and it is getting very hard to study for regular exams.

Anyway, back to the story that I wanted to tell you. On Monday afternoon, I found $100 on the ground.


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Apple and Bacon Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

I’ve mentioned this quite a few times now, but for some reason I am starting to become a cheese person, as in, give me all the cheese in the world and I will be as happy as a clam. Like a clam living in a sea of mozzarella, gruyere, fontina, and parmesan. Just a little clam living under a cheese ball, floating on a wave of cheddar. Yeah I have no idea either.


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Cinnamon Bacon Pancakes

Let’s talk about the fact that I am still stuffed from all of the food I had during the Super Bowl. Two days later and I still have to roll myself around the apartment. I didn’t even want breakfast yesterday because I was just too full. Shall we discuss all of the food that I had during the game? Oh yes, you’ll really want to hear this one.


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Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Bacon Cookies: Day 10 of 12 Days of Christmas Cookies

So I’m back, after an extended mental and emotional vacation. Believe me, it’s not as though I was off having fun. Instead I was stressing over my finals this week as well as trying to overcome the extreme grief I felt after the Newtown incident. Actually, it’s been more like an emotional roller-coaster.


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Homemade Roasted Red Pepper Mayo BLTs

Do you ever have one of those weeks? You know the ones I’m talking about. Nothing bad actually happens, to be honest, nothing significant happens at all, but for some reason every little thing sets you off. It could be the fact that someone sneezed while they were sitting directly next to you, or that you have blisters on the back of your heels because you have two different sized feet which makes wearing riding boots practically impossible. Again, I never speak from experience here, this is just a hypothetical situation.

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