Liebster Award

It’s not often that I get nominated for anything or win anything in general. I managed to leave my youth with only about two trophies from sports and various activities and most of the time they were for participation. But yesterday, I found a very kind comment on my New Years Eve post from James Bonfield Recipes. He nominated me for a Liebster Award, which showcases new, small blogs to get their name out into the blogging world and I am truly touched and honored that he would consider nominating my little blog!


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A Piece of Fruitcake

Do you know that I’ve never had fruitcake before? Nope, never. Not that I ever thought I was missing out on anything since I’ve only ever heard the horror stories of dry, tasteless fruitcake being kicked around the Christmas tree like a football, but still. not to mention, my grandma loves the stuff. For years they have been seen at my family’s holiday table, but I never bothered to try it.

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Hurricane Sandy

Unfortunately as I mentioned and predicted in my last post, Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey very hard last Monday night. If you live on the east coast, I’m sure you’ve been hearing about the devastation and rebuilding since Sandy arrived one week ago. It is nothing short of a disaster.

All photos courtesy of my iPhone

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Keep Recipes

I would like to introduce you to the new social media site that has been consuming all of my time these past few weeks. Normally, my time spent on the internet consists of the normal college-aged browsing: checking Facebook more than once every 5 minutes, tweeting incessantly about random things that cross my mind, refreshing my Pinterest dashboard, you know, the ‘usssh.

But after months and months of searching for a website or Mac app that would hold all of the recipes I love from the food-bloggers I love, I finally stumbled across this perfect website. (Actually I didn’t really stumble, I searched the internet high and low for this baby, but it was worth it). This is my good friend Keep Recipes.

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