How to Pack 95% of Your Life into 3 Suitcases and 2 Carry-ons: A Memoir

Now that I am officially moved in, aka my IKEA furniture has been built, I figured it’s a good time to share my story of moving to San Diego.


(via Instagram)

For anyone who knows my mother and myself, we are consistently early. Pretty much if you tell us to be somewhere at a specific time, we will be there 15-20 minutes before that. So in our normal fashion, we decided to arrive at Newark Airport 2 hours before our plane was going to depart. This would give us enough time to get through the annoying security line and relax.

We had booked a 1-stop flight from Newark that would take us to Philly then off to San Diego. I know that seems like the most ridiculous layover, but it’s what was available. Of course, with our over-planning there was barely a line at security so we had about an hour and a half of waiting time before our first flight flew out of Newark. It was no big deal really since I am terrified about being late.


(via Instagram)

30 minutes before our plane was supposed to board, there was an announcement that our flight was delayed, which would have caused us to miss our connecting in San Diego. Thankfully a few other passengers were traveling that same route and we were able to secure a non-stop flight to SD from Newark, score! Well, sort of… The non-stop flight was leaving in 45 minutes and if you’ve ever been to Newark International Airport, it takes 10 minutes just to get between terminals. So we scrambled our stuff and made our way over to the terminal. Keep in mind, while we were sitting waiting for our original flight, I had filled my empty water bottle that I had brought with me for the flight. You’ll hear more about that in the climax of this story.

So we switched terminals, the whole time I kept worrying about how much time we had to get on our new flight (definitely not 1.5 hours like we had before)! But we made it, managed to secure our new boarding passes without too many roadblocks and headed over to security. That’s right, each terminal has their own security to go through. By some miracle, we made it into the shorter line and ran right through, the guard didn’t even make me take off my shoes. But when my bag went through the x-ray machine, I forgot that my water bottle was filled with Newark Airport water, so the security guard told me I could either A. have him throw out my bottle (hell no! I spent $20 on this thing) or B. get out of line, dump it out and get back in line to go through security with all my bags AGAIN. I chose the later.

Getting back in line, I started panicking because this time I did not make it into the short line, instead I was in a line of 30+ people and I had no idea what time my flight was leaving. Cut to me bursting into tears as I’m on the phone with my mom trying to tell her what happened (she thought they took me into one of their interrogation rooms). As the people in front of me saw my Kim Kardashian-esque crying face, they started to let me go in front of them in line. Slowly more people let me go ahead of them until one nice gentlemen heard me choking out “how my flights were switched last minute and I thought I would miss the new flight”, he stood up and told everyone ahead of me that I would be cutting them in line and to just let it happen. Thankfully they did.

Somehow I managed to make it through security for the THIRD time, but I was still panicking about missing the flight and mind you the gate was probably about a football field length distance from security (it was the last freaking gate)! So I ran as much as I could and then speed-walked to the gate, panting and coughing the whole time, but by some miracle made it before the gate closed!

I only had the worst dry-mouth ever on the plane until they brought drinks around. But thankfully I arrived safely and they only misplaced one of my bags! But that’s a story for another day.

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