New York: My Year in Review

Really that should be titled, The Year I Tried to Eat Everything Delicious in New York and Barely Scratched the Surface, but that is a bit long-winded so I gave you the Cliffnotes version. By the way, do people still use Cliffnotes, is it still a thing? I should ask my little brother. Anyway, so yesterday was my last day of working in New York, most likely forever, which is a slightly weird concept to wrap my brain around. You see, prior to starting with Gourmet Marketing, I had a year-long internship with another marketing agency in Manhattan. After a few months break to work with my uncle, I started back in the city at Gourmet, so really it’s felt like I’ve worked there for practically 2 years. Taking NJTransit for 2.5 years, I must be a miracle worker. But anyway, though it is slightly sad to leave the hustle and bustle of New York behind, I’m looking forward to hopefully a shorter commute.


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My 2.5 years in NYC were spent mostly working but also a lot of eating. My friend Meg and I worked together for a little over a year and attempted to eat at as many of the famous NYC bakeries and eateries as we could. We made a small dent, but here are some of the delicious places you should visit if you are ever in the city.



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1. Magnolia

While Meg and I did eat our fair share of cupcakes over our time in New York, Magnolia’s always has and always will be one of my favorites, just shy of the old Crumbs. The only problem is, don’t bother to look at the website before you go in. I can 100% guarantee that you will fall in love with one of their current flavors and it will not be there when you walk in. Meg and I also split some of their pastries which were fantastic! Try the brownie, TRY THE BROWNIE!


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2. Baked By Melissa

If you are more of a bite-sized dessert person, which neither myself or Meg is unless forced, Baked By Melissa is the perfect cupcake bakery to try! We still loved the taste of her cupcakes, but they are only the size of a quarter (literally), so they’re really only a bite and we needed quite a few to curb our sweet cravings. They come in a bunch of flavors and are extremely tasty!


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3. Georgetown Cupcakes

Another yummy cupcake option if you find yourself in SOHO. I would definitely put these as one of my top favorites, but we ate them so long ago that I can’t even remember which flavors I got! To be honest, I don’t think you can really go wrong with anything on their menu, so maybe you should just try them all? I would.


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4. Doughnut Plant

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes…. YES! Pretty much some of the best doughnuts I have ever had in my life. They make yeast and baked donuts in a variety of flavors, but this is their classic Chocolate Yeast Donut, please get it the next time you are there? It’s airy and delicious!


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5. Billy’s Bakery

The last NYC cupcake I ever ate. It was delicious and wonderful and I will never forget it. Really though, Billy’s cupcakes should be on your list of bakeries to stop at if you’re in the city. They have classic flavors like Vanilla with Chocolate Buttercream (loved it) and seasonal flavors. Really a must see in Chelsea if you’re over that way!


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6. Levain Bakery

For the best cookies you will ever have in your entire life (possibly better than any homemade one I have ever made) go to Levain. They are famous for a reason and the 20 minute line outside the door just goes to show how much people are willing to wait for one of their Chocolate Chip Walnut and their Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip. If someone gave these to me as a gift, I would love them forever. No JOKE.

See Also: Crumbs and Pie Face. Both were stops on our Bakery Bucketlists, but both have since gone out of business (sort-of), so I haven’t included them here. Sadly, I miss both of them very much.




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1. Max Brenner

Max Brenner is the perfect dinner spot for those who like the sweet and salty combination. You can get regular favorites like burgers and pulled pork sandwiches (which I think is what I may have had) but then you can get waffle fries dusted with chili and cocoa powder! Yum! And of course, make sure you get dessert and a chocolate martini like we did! Perfect celebratory dinner!


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2. Serendipity 3

Always a must stop if you’re going into the city! I wish I could have said we had a chance to try their dinner, but we just had dessert: the Frrrozen Hot Chocolate, Chocolate Blackout Cake and Humble Pie. Someone take me back, I need more of that Humble Pie! Even if you are actually stopping in for dinner, make sure to save room for the Frrrozen Hot Chocolate, it’s exceptionally delicious.


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3. Shake Shack

I’m still crying over the fact that I never got to have a BURGER from Shake Shack, just these delicious crispy fries and their custard. They were phenomenal though so I’m sure their burgers are just as tasty! If you are in the city, please make sure to eat a ShackBurger for me! Much appreciated!


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4. The Meatball Shop

If you are a pasta lover like myself, please please please turn right around and go to the Meatball Shop. I have never had a plate of pasta better than the classic beef and classic sauce I had! Plus then you can follow it up with their Snickerdoodle Brown Sugar Ice Cream Sandwich and all of your dreams will come true!



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5. The Smith

I have no words to describe The Smith besides wonderful and absolutely-freaking delicious! I’ve gone twice for both dinner and brunch, both times it was absolutely necessary to have their Mac and Cheese (see above if you don’t believe me). And for brunch, I had the Croaker: smoked ham, gruyere cheese, rye bread and a sunny-side up egg. UHM HELLO! That has me written all over it. And make sure to get yourself a stiff drink because it’s brunch after all!


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6. Gato

Oh man can Bobby Flay cook! His new restaurant Gato requires you to make a reservation one month in advance and let me tell you, that month-long wait is completely worth it. The plates are a bit smaller, but with the three of us we each ordered one and a side dish and it was perfect amount of food! My friend Paulina had the octopus and we all loved it!


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7. The Melt Shop

For a quick bite to eat, you can’t beat a crazy grilled cheese sandwich! Plus their tots and milkshakes are the perfect compliment to the cheesy goodness! I would always stop in for the Nutella Fluff Shake, ohmygosh. If you are a Nutella fan, please try this milkshake. It will change your life. I’m thinking of replicating it at some point in the near future for you.


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8. Kobeyaki

My first ever client who will hopefully take the US casual fast food market by storm because I really need their Spicy Tuna Rolls on the west coast. Honestly some of the best Japanese food I have ever had. And their sushi rolls are HUGE. Really one fills me up, but you always need their soon-to-be famous Tempura Sweet Potato Fries. Don’t forge the spicy mayo too, it goes perfect on everything!


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9. S’Mac

And last, but certainly not least, S’Mac. This was the last meal I ever had in NYC and it was cheesy and delicious. I mean who can say no to mac and cheese baked in a cast iron skillet? Hello! Comfort food to the max! I really wish I had the chance to try it more than once because everything on the menu sounds amazing. I went with the Alpine: Gruyere cheese and bacon…. Probably my two favorite things in the entire planet. Need I say more?

Of course there are a million other places you should try in the city, so make sure to stop by all of them and eat a little extra for me! Hopefully one day I’ll get back into New York just to eat. Now that is a vacation I can get on board with!


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