California is Always a Good Idea

If you follow me on any of my social media pages or know me in real life (hey there!), you have probably heard about my next big life change: my upcoming move to San Diego! It’s been a long time coming and I really have to give all the credit to my yoga teacher training, but I am finally ready to make the big move and head across country!



Prior to training, I had been thinking about California as a possible next stop on my life’s journey, but I wasn’t completely sold. Mind you, I’ve never actually visited California nor did I know anyone out there at the time (now I do!), so the idea of just moving from one coast to the other was a bit nerve-wracking, so I put it on the back burner. But teacher training came along and made me realize how short life really is and that if you’re not spending every second where you want to be, then you’re just wasting what little time we have on this planet.

As the weeks in training past, I found the courage in myself to take the first steps towards moving out there and before I knew it I had given notice at my job and I was starting to decide where I wanted to be. At first, LA was my destination of choice, but after talking to many of my friends, San Diego seemed to be a better fit for me. If you know me personally, I’m a very laid back person (hence the love of yoga), so the more relaxed nature of San Diego seemed to be the best decision.

Once I had decided where I was going to go, the fear of how I’m getting there, where I will work, and can I find a roommate, started to kick in. All I have to say is that the universe really does work in mysterious ways. Had I decided not to do yoga teacher training this fall, I probably would have never decided to actually make the move and I would have never met one of my close friends Sio, who introduced me to her friend Paige in San Diego, who just happened to have a roommate moving out in January. Literally the chances of this are a million to one, but I’m so excited that Paige and her roommates want me to join their San Diego family, so I’ll be flying out on January 17th!

It’s funny how the universe works. I strongly believe that we all have a path in life that we are unaware of and the decisions we make ultimately put us on this path. I still can’t believe the chances of this, but it just reminds me that moving out to San Diego is what I’m supposed to do. Maybe not forever, but it’s definitely part of my path.

Yes, moving so far away from friends and family and only knowing a few people out on the west coast is terrifying, but I don’t believe you can grow as a person unless you allow yourself to have these uncomfortable experiences. You’ll never change if you don’t do something that completely terrifies you. And in the end, those moments will show you the type of person that you really are.

I’m so excited to start this journey and I can’t wait to see what adventures I have out on the west coast!

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