The Importance of Signs

I’ve been away from you all for so long again! It really has been completely unacceptable, but as I’m sure most of you understand, life takes over and sometimes does not let go. Another issue I’ve been facing is deciding where to take this little blog next. While I still find myself drooling over cookbooks and recipes, my interests have taken quite a shift lately, which makes me think it’s time for my blog to do a little shifting as well.


You see, it all started with that quote right up there. Signs from the universe are sometimes incredibly easy to spot or sometimes require quite a bit of evaluation on past events to uncover, but they are all over the place. They are there to guide us in the proper direction in life; what we’re intended to do, even though we may not be sure of it.

I had one of those moments 7 months ago, then another 2 months following that and then finally a BIG one a few weeks ago. I won’t go into details about the first two because they were very personal issues, but I can say they caused major shifts in my life. The second one also caused the biggest change, the decision to join a yoga studio.

For the longest time, I wasn’t entirely sold on yoga. Loved the idea of being more flexible, but when it came to a true workout, I wanted something more intense that got my heart rate up, made me sweat, and burned a lot of calories. Yoga never did that for me, at least not the yoga dvds that I had purchased. I also never mentally arrived on my mat because of the lack of a “true workout” (as I thought at the time). I would choose yoga as a rest-day alternative. But then 5 months ago, I came to the conclusion that I needed something more in my life, I needed a purpose. For a few months I had been considering testing out the local hot yoga studio by me to see if the classes would be something I enjoyed, but never actually deciding to do it. That day, I paid for their introductory unlimited month of yoga and went to my first class.

After that first class I was hooked and returned 20 times that month trying classes from different teachers and yoga styles. Before I knew it, I was racing home from work with just enough time to throw on my workout clothes and rush out to class. After awhile it wasn’t about a workout, it became so much more. Yoga truly changed my entire perspective on life. I had a clearer mind, heart and a desire to do more with life. It gave me the radical change I was looking for and made me realize how much we take for granted in life. I honestly don’t recognize the girl I was 7 months ago.

Since that first week of yoga, I have been to roughly 5-6 classes per week, depending on my schedule. I can’t get enough. Every yoga class is different and challenges in ways that I never thought possible: physically, emotionally and mentally. Then came the decision that I wanted to pursue my yoga teacher training. I had thought about it for awhile and wasn’t sure exactly when I would take it on. It’s a major commitment, 3 training sessions a weekend and a required 6 yoga classes per week (one day has to be a double!), so as I saw my studio post information about their training session, I figured it wasn’t the right time.

You know when things in life start to fall into place and the right opportunities come along screaming at you that the universe is at work and the bigger picture starts to unfold? That’s what happened a few weeks ago. Within one day, everything started coming together and the universe was telling me that I had to go for my training now; I was ready. And like that, I signed up for teacher training which starts next Friday!


(via: Instagram)

This brings me to the changes I mentioned before my long-winded explanation of life! My goal is to bring my readers (if there are any of you left) through my yoga teacher training and then into my journey through yoga and life. Don’t worry, food is still a major part of who I am, so I’ll still include my favorite recipes and any food-inspired trips I go on. But overall, I’ll be bringing you away from just recipes and taking you down my journey of life.

I hope you enjoy the ride :).

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