Weekend Recap


Photo courtesy of Instagram

1. I really like this picture. Why? I have no idea, I just really loved how it looked when my roommate was cutting up some strawberries for her cereal. She had this healthy and nutritious breakfast and I had a homemade porkroll, egg, and cheese. Yep, excellent life choices.

2. I’m so proud of myself after my first week of triathlon training! This was my schedule for the week, but I actually decided to push myself more because I have that personality where I have to be better than what everyone tells me to do. 

3. So I ended up biking for 18 miles, running for 3.5 miles, and swimming 250 meters. Such an accomplishment! And I didn’t die, which is even more of an accomplishment!

4. If you didn’t read my Homemade Hot Chocolate post, it has been beyond freezing in New Jersey this past week. As in, I have to sit under a blanket whenever I’m in my apartment. Which is nice and all, but that’s just a bit TOO cold for me.

5. And on the coldest day this week, on the only day I actually have a lecture, my professor didn’t even show up. I had to walk through the tundra for nothing. Total buzzkill, man.

6. I found this recipe yesterday and I cannot sop thinking about making them. It will definitely have to be sometime this week. Everyone always eats bacon on the side of pancakes, but why didn’t I ever think to put them INSIDE of pancakes. Genius I tell you, genius.

7. Besides that nothing really happened this week. I’m still confused how the first week of school is gone already. I swear, this semester is LITERALLY going to fly by.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. I’m still having trouble remembering which day of the week it is – let alone that one week as passed me entirely and February is in a few days?! Congrats on pushing yourself for your Triathalon training though! I’ll be the lazy one sitting on my bed looking on Pinterest and eating muffins while I root for you 😉

  2. It blows my mind when I look at the calendar, there is no way it is almost February, no way. Thanks :), I’m really proud that I was able to keep up with it for a week. Hahah send me some of those muffins! I’ve still been eating terribly even though I’ve been working out.

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