Cranberry Whole Wheat Buttermilk Biscuits

Right now, at this very moment, I am sitting in my living room watching the most important Rutgers football game of my college career. Why, do you ask, am I sitting here instead of actually being at the game? Well to be completely honest, I had no idea that Rutgers vs. Louisville was such a big game. Not only because they are one of our rivals, but also because this game decides Rutgers football future.

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Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Guys, I did something terrible yesterday. Like really really bad. Probably the worst thing I have ever done in my entire life. Not because it’s a bad thing, par say, but just a poor life decision because now I need to do this every day. I won’t make you wait any longer to tell you. I put sweetened condensed milk in my iced coffee and now all coffee needs to be sweetened with it.

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The Ultimate Christmas Cookie Post

Or maybe I should say: Non-Denominational Cookie Post, because you don’t have to celebrate Christmas to enjoy all of these cookies. Oh wait, you’re not going to bake 27,000 types of cookies? We can’t be friends.

Nah, I’m just kidding, but really you should at least make one batch of cookies. Nothing is better than a cookie, let’s be real. So I’ve compiled a list of some of the yummiest sounding cookies from my favorite bloggers. I’ll be putting my own spin on some of these bad boys next week, get ready for cookie overload.

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Spinach and Artichoke Dip

You remember how I could not stop talking about spinach and artichoke dip a few weeks ago, right? Well I searched the entire interweb and finally found one that is not made with cream cheese. I know, the spinach and artichoke dips that I have been having at every restaurant I go to most likely have cream cheese as the main filler, but I just do not believe it. I refuse to believe it.

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Weekend Recap

Because I have seen so many other bloggers do this, and because I think it’s a great idea, I think I’m going to start writing a recap of my week every weekend. You can’t really know what’s going on in my life from a few short paragraphs about recipes! Plus, I just love blogging too much that I want to keep writing even when I haven’t made anything.

Photo taken courtesy of Instagram

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While Thanksgiving has now come and gone and most of you are probably finding yourself in line at the closest mall waiting to be the first person to walk through the doors at 5:00 a.m., I think it’s still a perfect time to talk about the things we are thankful for. Each and every Thanksgiving reminds me of how blessed and fortunate I am for everything that I have been given and everything that I have painstakingly worked for.

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